Aleksandar Z Veljković

About Me
Being a waiter is a very nice profession if you work not only for money, but for the love of that profession and for money. You can’t be a good waiter if you really don’t love it! Every day you meet new very nice people, famous and important ones and make contact with them in a special way, and I enjoy doing it!
Location Kragujevac, Serbia
Date of Birth
Nov 05, 1994
Nationality Serbian
2020 and still
Restaurant "Waterfall" - Lisine, Serbia
Waiter/Server/Chef de Rang
2018 - 2020
Restaurant "Talija Crystal Gold" - Svilajnac, Serbia
Restaurant Supervisor
2015 - 2018
Restaurant "The Gate of Sumadija" - Lapovo, Serbia
Waiter/Server/Chef de Rang
Skills and Knowledge
  • LQA Standard: very good
  • Guest Complaint Handling: excellent
  • Selling and Up-Selling: very good
  • Wine Service: very good
  • Carrying Drink Tray: excellent
  • Four Plates Carrying: excellent
  • Carving Steak: very good
  • Filleting Fish: very good
  • Classic Coctails Preparation: good
  • Hot Drinks Preparation: very good
Type of Experience
  • Coffe Shop: 1 year
  • Casual Dining Restaurant: 3 years
  • Fine Dining Restaurant: 2 years
  • Banquets: 1 year
  • Up-Scale Restaurant: 1 year
  • Night Club: 1 year
  • 4 Stars Hotel: 1 year
  • English: excellent